Psoriasis Treatments

We maintain only products that have solid scientific backing in the treatment for Psoriasis & Eczema.

6 Spices for Psoriasis

BLACK CUMIN SEEDS (NIGELLA SATIVA) Black cumin seeds are produced by a flowering plant called Nigella sativa. Originally identified in the Middle East, these seeds have a long history of use for medicinal purposes in the Middle East and Asia, particularly Egypt and India. Black cumin seed oil has been shown […]

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Talking About Psoriasis

Most people who suffer from psoriasis or severe eczema also suffer the stigma that surrounds these non-contagious diseases.  A survey in America at the Perelman School of Medicine in Pennsylvania was undertaken and over half of those surveyed said they would not date someone who had psoriasis!!  43% of adult […]

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Are Steroids a Good Treatment for Psoriasis?

Steroids are one of the most common treatments for psoriasis.   Created synthetically to replicate the hormones (or steroids) that we produce in our adrenal glands, they are very effective in controlling the inflammation that is typical of psoriasis.   Corticosteroids (as opposed to anabolic steroids which are often illegal) are used […]

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Psoriasis on the Hands and Feet

PALMOPLANTAR PSORIASIS AND PALMOPLANTAR PUSTULOSIS PALMOPLANTAR PSORIASIS Palmoplantar Psoriasis is a chronic, persistent condition that generally affects the hands and feet.  The name derives from the word Palmo, meaning palm of the hand, and plantar, meaning sole of the foot.    It is quite difficult to treat and can become very […]

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The Five Types of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an auto immune disease that causes the skin cells to reproduce at a rapid rate.   Normal skin cells grow and shed in a one-month cycle but with psoriasis, this process takes place over 2-3 days which subsequently causes thick, itchy, sore and often inflamed patches on the skin […]

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5 Most Common Triggers for Psoriasis

There are many studies that consider genetic and environmental factors as the primary cause of psoriasis but, on the whole, psoriasis is widely considered to be an autoimmune disease.   It begins with an error in the immune system which continues like a cycle that never ends.   Typically, skin cells grow, […]

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Detoxing for Psoriasis

Research indicates that diet may play a significant role in psoriasis. For example, in one study,1,206 people with psoriasis showed that certain dietary modifications helped improve skin conditions in the majority of participants.    There is a great deal of evidence to support the idea that healthy eating i.e, removing foods […]

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