Frequently Asked Questions – M-Folia Psoriasis Treatment

Listed below are common questions we receive about M-Folia™ products with brief answers. If you have additional questions, please complete the feedback form.

Can m-folia™ cream or ointment be used on the face?
Yes. Both the cream and ointment may be used on the face. However, great care should be taken to avoid contact with the eyes, as this could cause irritation.

Is it usual to get an initial adverse reaction?
A few people do experience an initial worsening of symptoms, but usually this soon passes and beneficial effects are commonly seen within 12 weeks. If you do have any severe reaction, please consult your doctor.

Should I take m-folia™ herbal extract as well as the m-folia™ topical products?
M-Folia™  herbal extract works from the inside-out and therefore is an ideal complement to topical applications. However, please note that those who are taking other medications of any kind and pregnant or lactating women should seek the advice of their doctor or consultant before taking any herbal products internally.

Should I use m-folia™ herbal extract or tablets?
The m-folia herbal extract contains alkaloids and anti-inflammatory agents, whereas homoeopathic tablets work on a different level. Homeopathic-type tablets are particularly suitable if:

* you have acute symptoms
* you have chronic symptoms
* you are taking any other medications
* you are suffering from any other medical conditions

m-folia™  tablets may be taken alongside any other medications, but the herbal extract should NOT be taken if you are taking any other medications. Neither m-folia™ extract or tablets should be taken once symptoms have subsided.

Which is better – m-folia™ cream or ointment?
Both the cream and the ointment contain the same strength of Mahonia aquifolium.
Ointment tends to penetrate more than the cream and creates a protective ‘film’ over the skin. However, it does tend to be a little greasy, causing a shiny appearance on the skin, and may rub off on clothing.
The cream, on the other hand, is less greasy and more quickly absorbed into the skin. For these reasons, we recommend that cream be used in the daytime and the ointment at night.

Do I need to use m-folia™ scalp oil and shampoo?
m-folia™ shampoo and scalp oil may be used separately, but they have been developed to be used together to give the best possible scalp and hair treatment.

Why use m-folia™ hair ^ Scalp Conditioner?
Conditioning cream rinse was formulated after we received a number of reports from customers who found their traditional hair conditioner irritated their scalp. M-Folia™ conditioning cream rinse is designed to nourish and give body to the hair without the use of harsh chemicals and with an emulsified solution of mahonia aquifolium to revitalise the scalp.

Can m-folia™ scalp oil be left on overnight?
Yes. We recommend that m-folia™ scalp oil is left on for at least 30 minutes, but for best results it should be left on overnight.

Is m-folia™ safe for children?
Yes. All m-folia™ products are perfectly safe for children of all ages. However, m-folia™ tablets are NOT suitable for very young infants as the tablets are small and may be inadvertently inhaled.     We do not recommend giving herbal extract drops to children without discussing it first with your GP.

Is it available on prescription?
Yes. In the UK, doctors can and do prescribe M-Folia. You need to take the details to your GP and ask him or her to prescribe it for you. If you want copies of research papers, we can send them to you or direct to your GP.

I have had a reaction to the products, what should I do?
It is not uncommon for people to experience an initial adverse reaction.This is usually part of the healing process and is more common if you have been using steroidal (cortisone-based) products in the recent past. In this situation:

* the scales/flakes of the skin will seem to be coming off more than usual.
* the lesions will appear redder and larger and will feel like the skin is dehydrating.
* this is a normal reaction for some people, it is a cleansing reaction to the steroids. The M-Folia 30c tablets will help to minimise the cleansing process.

If you experience a severe reaction or a reaction that persists for more than a week, cease use immediately and consult your doctor.

What products should I use?

1. If only elbows and knees are affected – cream and ointment should suffice
2. If your entire body is affected – the following products are suitable: M-Folia cream, ointment, bodywash, herbal extract / 30c tablets.
3. If your scalp is affected  – scalp oil, shampoo & conditioner (optional)
4. If your nails are affected  – rub in M-Folia Cream, take M-Folia Extract internally & use M-Folia extract as a ‘nail bath’ – 10 drops in a small bowl of hot water and soak fingertips for 5-10 minutes, then rub in M-Folia Cream. & conditioner (optional)


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