M-Folia Psoriasis & Eczema Treatment Testimonials

Since launching the M-Folia Psoriasis & Eczema skincare treatment range in June 1996, the products have proved to be an astounding success, acclaimed by customers and the media.

With every order we send out a questionnaire, listed below are just a few of the thousands of testimonials we have received.


“The initial effect has been fantastic; itching subsided, scaling vastly reduced, redness reducing. After less than 1 week the reaction is remarkable, & the stress of having psoriasis is reducing”
Mrs W. Trimble, W. Mids., sufferer for 5 years

“100% more effective than anything I have ever used, impressive in action.”
Ms A Bridman, Surrey, Psoriasis sufferer for 20 years

Mrs L Thelin

My husband has suffered from dermatitis/very flaky, rough skin on one of his knees for years and had tried all sorts of cream. He tried m-folia cream and within days it looked a lot clearer and was completely clear after a few weeks! – WONDERFUL STUFF. Because of that success with the cream, we gave some to our daughter to use on her daughter Jo, aged 9.

Jo had dewdrop type psoriasis on her back since falling down some steps when she was 4. The itching was very distressing for her (and us) and all sorts of potions had been tested. After she had used the cream and tablets for a little while, she showed us her back – I could have cried because it was completely clear (apart from extremely faint marks where the scabs had been).”

“IT REALLY IS WONDERFUL STUFF I am now recommending it to anyone who has these sorts of skin complaints”
Mrs U Wright

“Although I have only been using M-folia for a couple of days it is already working better than dovanex and steroid cream and because it is herbal it gives me peace of mind”
Mr H Jones, Hants., Psoriasis Sufferer for 3 years

“I am very pleased with M-folia products. My hands are the best they have been in over 20 years!
Mrs J Yianni, Dermatitis sufferer for 25 years

Edward - Childhood Eczema
Edward – clear of Eczema!

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“Within only 12 week 81% of the patients stated that their symptoms had either completely disappeared or substantially alleviated.”
Journal of Dermatological Treatment 1995 6:31-34

“Significant anti-inflammatory…particularly beneficial in the treatment of psoriasis”
Dr A Weiner M.D.

“The improvement in my condition is beyond belief… I must tell you that after 27 years M-folia is the only treatment which has alleviated psoriasis after using it for only 3 months.”
Mr S McKenna, Norfolk, Psoriasis sufferer for 25 years

“This is the first cream I have found that has made a difference”
Mrs P. Morgan, Lancs., Psoriasis sufferer for 20 years”

Ms. S Johnson, E. Yorks., Psoriasis sufferer for 18 years

“First-class. No other product has ever helped me. M-folia has helped me well beyond any belief..all the redness went after 3 weeks”
Mrs R Secker, Berks, Psoriasis sufferer for 28 years

“Best results ever! There has been a vast improvement…far superior to any other product I have used.”
Mrs J Davies, Chester, Psoriasis sufferer for 10 years

“Yours was the first product to have such a significant effect.”
Mrs E Armitt, Scotland, Psoriasis sufferer for 10 years

Paige & her sister
Paige & her sister

Childhood psoriasis?
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“Astounding results. All itchiness gone. No longer cracking. Redness reduced all patches significantly smaller, wonderful”
Mr G Friar, Wigan, Psoriasis sufferer for 2 years

“I have never used anything like this before on my scalp, no fuss brilliant result, no itching afterwards.”
Mr G Griffiths, Worcestershire, Psoriasis sufferer for 24 years

Ms T Mariski, Beds, Psoriasis sufferer for 4 years

“I am very pleased with the herbal extract, I can see a remarkable improvement on my scalp and body.”
Ms l Wormwell, Lancs, Psoriasis sufferer for 13 years

“M-folia is the first thing that has made any difference at all – wonderful! Lesions have reduced from 10 to one only.”
Mrs H Castillo, Essex, Psoriasis sufferer for 11 months

“M-folia is simply the best.”
William B, Bristol, Psoriasis sufferer for 3 years.

“My son’s scalp was in a terrible state and he was dreadfully upset with the remarks from class-mates. I had tried coal tar based products without success. M-folia is marvelous – it has cleared my sons scalp within a matter of a few weeks – I have recommended M-folia to others. P.S. My husband had a patch of dermatitis on his hand which would not clear up – he tried M-folia and the rash has now gone!”
Mrs V Palmer, W. Midlands, Psoriasis sufferer for 5 years

“Vast improvement…absolutely excellent”!
Mr G Hughes, Sussex, Psoriasis sufferer for 14 years

“Excellent results after using the cream for only 9 days. The skin on my feet is nearly normal, no redness or dry, peeling skin. I can’t thank you enough!”
Mrs B Belloes, Yorks., Psoriasis sufferer for 3 years

“By far the best product I have ever used.”
Ms S Evans, Sussex, Psoriasis sufferer for 8 years