The M-Folia Story

The man behind M-Folia – Adam Jackson

A message from our founder & Managing Director – Adam Jackson

I have suffered with psoriasis since I was a boy of eight. I remember first seeing small red spots appear on my abdomen when changing for PE at school and the following day waking up to find my whole body covered in red lesions.

The family doctor was called and it took him no more than a few minutes to diagnose my skin disorder. Without looking at me, he turned to my mother and said “I’m afraid he’s going to have this for the rest of his life”. Not exactly the best news a young boy wants to hear first thing on a Tuesday morning!

The condition, as the doctor predicted, continued to plague me as I grew up. At times, over 80 per cent of my body was covered in red scales and at one point, I had to be hospitalized.

One of my most vivid memories is one summer when I was 14 years old. I visited the school doctor to ask for an off-games slip. My skin was particularly bad and the ‘games’ was swimming. I just couldn’t face the embarrassment; all of the other children would just stare and whisper. The doctor sat me down and said, “I wouldn’t be doing you a favor if I did that. The sooner you learn to live with this, the better.”

It was that moment that I made it my life’s mission to prove him and the other doctors’ wrong. There had been times when my skin was fairly good; it was even clear for a few summers. There had to be something other than hydrocortisone (which, after using continuously for over 7 years had become too dangerous for me to use and in any event, it wasn’t helping much).

It took over 15 years before I finally found something that showed real promise. As a freelance writer specializing in alternative and complementary medicines, I was researching for my column in the Nursing Times. Scouring through the medical databases I came across studies involving a plant extract called ‘Mahonia aquifolium’. Over 400 psoriasis patients participated in the study and within 12 weeks, over 80 per cent were either completely cleared or significantly cleared.

I reported the news in my column and, as the products were not commercially available, I had a pharmaceutical company make a batch up for me. The results were astounding; within days the lesions were turning pink and some weeks later my skin was clear.

I received numerous inquiries from readers of my column asking where they could obtain products containing Mahonia aquifolium, and having just had a batch made for myself, I decided there and then to invest in having this produced for fellow sufferers. Since that time, tens of thousands of people have successfully used m-folia™ products. For many, like me, it has quite literally changed their lives.

If you are a psoriasis or eczema sufferer, I know what you’re going through because I have been there myself. And, from time to time I experience flare-ups. But these are manageable thanks to m-folia. One dermatologist at University College London Hospital confided, after using the products for six months on six of his adult patients, that he has not witnessed such astounding results in his over 35 years of practice. M-folia is, he said, a tremendous breakthrough.

M-Folia has been a life-saver for me  and for many thousands of others – I hope it will be for you too!

Adam Jackson
Founder director – Taylor Jackson Health Products