Living with Inverse Psoriasis?

Inverse psoriasis is a rare form of psoriasis that affects between 3% and 7% of patients with psoriasis. It is often confused with an allergic skin reaction or a fungal infection to the untrained eye.

Inverse psoriasis is a painful and uncomfortable form of psoriasis affecting the areas of the body where clothes cover the skin or where skin rubs against skin such as in the armpits, under the breasts, in the genitals and around the buttocks. These skin folds are called flexures which is why Inverse Psoriasis is also is known as flexural psoriasis.

Other names are hidden psoriasis or intertriginous psoriasis, but it is most commonly called inverse psoriasis because it is the opposite (inverse) of the more common plaque psoriasis which appears in the form of dry, flaky lesions on the exterior surface of the body. As the areas affected are generally more moist, there is no possibility of developing the dry scales associated with other psoriasis types.

The appearance of inverse psoriasis is very different to plaque psoriasis. First signs are bright red patches (or dark patches on darker skin tones) in the body folds which are mostly shiny, smooth, and very clearly outlined.

It has been said that inverse psoriasis is not as bad as other forms of psoriasis as it occurs in areas that cannot be seen and therefore can’t stop you from living your regular life, but this is not the case. It is very painful and uncomfortable. You may be able to hide it, but you can’t stop feeling it. The moist areas of the body are generally more sensitive and the effects of the skin rubbing together combined with the sweat that occurs in these skin folds, means the skin can become very itchy, sore, and tender. In time, the centre of an inverse psoriasis can crack open (known as fissures) which can often lead to bleeding. This can happen because of the medications used to treat inverse Psoriasis causing thinning of the skin.

This in turn causes:

  • possible fungal or bacterial infection
  • Intense irritation and soreness
  • Sexual problems from discomfort


It is not easy to pinpoint what triggers psoriasis in sensitive areas. As will other psoriasis types, it can happen spontaneously due to:

  • Being overweight
  • Infections
  • Injury to the Skin
  • Stress
  • Certain medications
  • Friction in deep skin folds

Inverse psoriasis in sensitive areas such as the armpits or genital areas can be further exacerbated by external factors such as deodorants, sanitary towels, thrush, tight clothing rubbing the skin or sexual intercourse.


It is common for Inverse Psoriasis to be misdiagnosed as a fungal infection or other skin conditions such as Intertrigo This skin condition mimics very closely all the symptoms Of Inverse psoriasis.


a) Is more likely if you already have other forms or psoriasis or there is a family history of it.

b) Is a persistent or chronic condition and, although treatment can reduce and even eliminate its symptoms for a period, they eventually return, which known as a relapse.

c) Is an autoimmune disease that is difficult to treat and for which there is no cure. It is generally caused by a combination of triggering events and genetics.

d) Causes inflammation and smooth patches of redness on the skin, which become worse with sweat and friction. 

e) Is not associated with a bad smell


a) Is not related to the immune system. It is a skin disorder caused by skin-on-skin friction in moist and warm body areas that becomes a nasty rash that sting and itches. This creates an environment for yeast and bacteria to grow.

b) Is often caused by hot, humid weather creating sweat where skin meets skin. It is more evident in people who are obese or have skin that is exposed to urine or faeces. Tight underwear or dirty sweaty clothing and poor hygiene i.e., not showing regularly can also increase the risk.

c) Affects many of the same areas of the body as inverse psoriasis but mainly affects the top layers of the skin. The skin becomes pink, red, or brown and may start to break down if it is very moist. The area can develop a very unpleasant smell.

d) The presence of yeast or fungus can be determined by a KOH Test.

e) Responds well to topical treatments from Vaseline to antifungal treatments and, if necessary, stronger steroid based topical creams.


Inverse Psoriasis can make people feel embarrassed about their bodies which, in turn, causes them to avoid intimate situations. When psoriasis affects the genital area, it can be upsetting, and both you and your sexual partner may find that it is helpful to talk together to your Dermatologist or GP.  It is important that your partner understands that Psoriasis is not contagious and cannot be transmitted by sexual contact.  Condoms* or lubricants may help to reduce irritation of psoriasis


Treatments for sensitive areas can be a bit different from those prescribed for other psoriasis types. Skin in the flexural areas is more tender and sensitive and often covered with clothing. Steroid creams that are used in these areas are increased in strength by a warm environment, so it is important to only use mild potency treatments to avoid side effects such as skin thinning. However, you should never stop using steroid creams abruptly as this can lead to a rebound of the psoriasis – just gradually reduce the dose
Not all Vitamin D topical treatments are suitable for sensitive areas, so it is important to check with your GP before using them.

In recent years, a group of treatments known as calcineurin inhibitors (Update of calcineurin inhibitors to treat inverse psoriasis: A systematic review – Dattola – 2018 – Dermatologic Therapy – Wiley Online Library) have been launched for another skin condition, called atopic dermatitis. Originally designed for the treatment of eczema, studies determined that they were also suitable for atopic dermatitis and even more recently for inverse psoriasis. They reduce inflammation and can be used in sensitive areas for longer than topical steroids, making them a good alternative.

As infections are more common in these sensitive areas it may become necessary to be prescribed with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial treatments. M-Folia contains Mahonia Aquifolium extract which has been shown in many research studies to contain anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial alkaloids. M-Folia ointment is perfect for both healing and lubricating areas of inverse psoriasis in sensitive areas..


  • Replace soaps and scented products with bath or shower emollients that cleanse but don’t irritate. Avoid parabens and sulphates in all your household foaming products.
  • Don’t rub yourself dry with the towel, instead try patting the area carefully after bathing.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes and wear cotton wherever possible.
  • Wear stockings or hold ups instead of tights to reduce the warmth in flexural areas. For men cotton boxer shorts are best.
  • Do not use treatments prescribed for other parts of the body unless specifically directed to do so by your doctor.
  • Some topical treatments reduce the effectiveness of latex condoms. Buy non latex condoms if possible.
I have recently been diagnosed with psoriasis and was looking for something that I could treat it with that wasn't a prescription medicine. I came across M Folia and thought I would give the lotion and cream a try. My parcel arrived on the date expected and was well packaged. I decided to use the products before going to bed for the night in place of my Vitamin D cream but I wasn't prepared for the results I saw in the morning. My skin looked pink and rosy and the dry flaky patches were moisturised. Over the next few day's use my psoriasis really started to clear up to the point where I just now have a few red areas which I am still treating. The cream has a lovely feel and doesn't leave your skin greasy. Overall, I am very satisfied with M Folia.
Maria Page
Maria Page
Let me just start by saying I never actually leave reviews for anything but I made an account just to leave one for this company! I have been suffering with scalp psoriasis for nearly 12 years and till today nothing has helped me from prescribed medication to otc products, one flick of my hair and it was like snow was dropping from my head :( , I am soooo grateful to have come across m-folia my psoriasis has calmed right down the itchiness has gone and no more white snow (scales) are dropping of, after the first use I felt like my scalp was finally able to breathe :D will never use anything else but their products..will be placing my next order very soon :) x
My daughter has suffered with this condition over 20 years. I have seen her in a terrible state, with it coming up all over her. She is a hairdresser by trade and so is very conscious of her hair. Within one night of using the products I purchased it had all cleared up. UNBELIEVABLE PRODUCT. Would highly recommend to anyone. She is so different. thank you.
Jackie Fedrick
Jackie Fedrick
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ঠোটে মধু বুকে বিষ
ঠোটে মধু বুকে বিষ
I have endured psoriasis for 30 years but very mildly on scalp and outer ears. My son(57),daughter(60),grandson(35),daughter(30) also suffer on various parts of the body. I am not aware of previous generations suffering, though information is scant. I have tried many things over the years. Most recently a beconase steroidal liquid and capsal shampoo. Having now used your product for about 2 months I feel that I have at last found something which leaves me much less itchy and generally in a much improved situation. I cannot say that is has "all gone" because it hasn't, but I am , as I said feeling hopeful for the future. Which, at 87, is saying a lot! From the family's situation each person seems to react differently to the condition and to the medications, which leads me to think that each case has to be handled individually. What works for one may often not work for another. I have one question. The flesh toned cream. Is it suitable for putting on my outer ears? I hope this is helpful Bruce Henderson
Bruce Henderson
Bruce Henderson
Brilliant service and brilliant product, this is the only conditioner that works on my itchy scalp. I do find that it works better if after shampooing I leave a very small amount directly on to the itchy areas of my scalp.
Bought the scalp oil & shampoo...I do think it is certainly helping the condition of my scalp...would recommend trying. Will continue using & see what my hairdresser thinks on next haircut due in few weeks time. Efficient service too..super speedy.
Wonderful products I had an outbreak on my scalp about 30 years ago. I talked it through with my GP at the time who had heard about MFolia benefits and after a long search for good products found Taylor Jackson. I used the scalp oil, the shampoo and the conditioner at first and when it cleared, I carried on using shampoo and conditioner. Although all symptoms have disappeared, I have only used these ever since. These are great products and importantly are SLS free. The multipacks are great value too. I definitely recommend these products. Whenever I have needed to speak to customer services they are friendly and always very helpful.
Janine Lajudie
Janine Lajudie
I have had psoriasis since i was a teenager and have been prescribed all sorts of products (including steriod creams) that never worked/helped. I discovered M.folia whilst browsing the internet and have been using it now for many years. I no longer have any plaques on my body just some stubborn patches on my scalp which i treat with the scalp oil, shampoo and conditioner. These are great products; they soothe and damp down any outbreaks i may get, smell fresh and most importantly to me are SLS free. The company is easy to deal with, customer services are friendly, quick to respond and always very helpful.
Helen and Alan Hawkins
Helen and Alan Hawkins