M-Folia for Hands and Feet

This psoriasis sufferer used M-Folia to clear the itching and dryness on his hands.  The results are amazing!  

National Psoriasis Foundation Recommend Mahonia Aquifolium for Psoriasis

The National Psoriasis Foundation only recommend 8 natural remedies for psoriasis, and one of these is Mahonia Aquifolium.     This herbal extract, which is used in all our M-Folia range, has  been proven in studies to contain anti microbial agents and, when used topically, is wonderful for treating the symptoms of Psoriasis.   To learn …

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Is Glycerine good for Psoriasis?

M-Folia will soon be adding a Glycerine and Mahonia Aquifolium tincture to our range after discovering that Dermatologists and Scientists at UCLA  and Vanderbilt University  have found that Glycerine can be helpful for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.     Studies have shown glycerol makes skin look and function better by helping skin cells …

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psoriasis products and treatments

New Psoriasis SHOP launches

Taylor Jackson has just launched a NEW Psoriasis treatment shop. The new shop is fully featured, secure and very easy to use. Register TODAY to receive regular discounts and special offers.

Psoriasis Treatment Creams

One of the problems with many psoriasis creams is that they often contain coal tar or have ingredients that produce a bad smell.     Some emollients are used but are thick and difficult to spread making it very uncomfortable to wear clothes.   Often they do not absorb into the skin and cause staining …

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New Shopping Cart

We are pleased to announce a new shopping cart. Following numerous comments from customers who were experiencing problems with the previous shopping cart we have installed a new e-commerce solution. You can access the shop from every page on the right-hand side bar on the web site or through this link: https://m-folia.com/products-page/  

New Psoriasis Shopping Cart

Taylor Jackson Health Products is now merging with Abbey Health Products. Feel free to use the new psoriasis treatment shopping cart below. The old Psoriasis & Eczema therapeutic skin care shop will be available for use until 16th September. You can ‘Add To Cart’ in the usual way or use our ‘click and drag’ feature …

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Help with Psoriasis And Eczema Research

HELP WITH ONGOING PSORIASIS RESEARCH & GET 15% DISCOUNT THIS WEEKEND! As part of our ongoing research to understand how & why M-Folia works for 81% of users, we would like to invite you to complete a very brief questionnaire. at this stage we are just collecting very basic data. All information is treated with …

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Australia Distributorship

We would like to notify our customers that Peter & Nikki Lumsden of Lumsden Health Products are NOT connected with Taylor Jackson. Despite their advertisements on twitter and facebook, the Lumsdens are NOT distributors of M-Folia and have no rights to use the M-folia brand name or photos in their marketing. The husband & wife …

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