National Psoriasis Foundation Recommend Mahonia Aquifolium for Psoriasis

The National Psoriasis Foundation only recommend 8 natural remedies for psoriasis, and one of these is Mahonia Aquifolium.     This herbal extract, which is used in all our M-Folia range, has  been proven in studies to contain anti microbial agents and, when used topically, is wonderful for treating the symptoms of Psoriasis.   To learn […]

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Is Glycerine good for Psoriasis?

M-Folia will soon be adding a Glycerine and Mahonia Aquifolium tincture to our range after discovering that Dermatologists and Scientists at UCLA  and Vanderbilt University  have found that Glycerine can be helpful for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.     Studies have shown glycerol makes skin look and function better by helping skin cells […]

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Talking to others about Psoriasis

Talking to friends and co workers about your psoriasis can alleviate some of the stress and help people to understand what you are going through.    It’s important to let people who care about you know that psoriasis is not catching and that they can talk to you about it.     For more information about how to […]

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